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Flannelgraph is usually a storytelling process that makes use of a board lined with flannel material, normally resting on an easel. It truly is very similar to Fuzzy felt, Despite the fact that its Key use is like a storytelling medium, instead of to be a toy

·         Exhibitions foster  greater college Neighborhood relations and make Group members  acutely aware about The college

Ø  Tabulation chart:  it exhibits the plan of the exercise or of somebody ex: time-table of a class. These are definitely really valuable help while in the training problem exactly where breakdown of a truth or a statement is usually to be stated.

Ø  Narrative chart: Arrangement of specifics and concepts for expressing the events in the process or growth of a significant situation to its point of resolution or we will exhibit an enhancement about a duration of decades.

Blackboards had been initially made from sleek, slender sheets of black or dark grey slate stone. Present day variations are often eco-friendly or brown and they are Consequently often termed a greenboard or brownboard rather.

  Graphs are definitely the Visible educating aids for presenting statistical info and contrasting the traits or modifications of particular characteristics.

·         Request issues from The scholars to elicit additional aspects of the functions of the thing or specimen beneath observation.

Also it is a helpful help for exhibiting points of comparison, difference, and contrasts involving two or even more items. Whilst making the table charts the next points needs to be retained while in the thoughts.

The demonstration method teaches by explanation and exhibition. Briefly, it is a functionality to indicate a approach or activity to Other individuals. Each time tsepass a Trainer demonstrates, college students observe and imitate to discover

These cutouts are backed, both with flannel, or with Several other compound that adheres flippantly into the flannelbackground, including coarse sandpaper.

 A comic book strip is the graphic depiction inside a collection of images or sketches of some character and occasions packed with action.

Find and skim the best brief stories within your language .Connect and talk to your favorite writers

Now day, every thing will almost certainly look for a new but very well settled and prosperous stream for their vocation. After i came to this blog, I actually amazed by the many information details stated listed here. Thanks for this support.

·         An in depth report book needs to be taken care of providing a short description  of each and every museum parts

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